What is moneyit?


Moneyit provides the tool to manage the partnership relationship between businesses, financiers and SMME’s for making credit available to SMME’s. It also provides corporate businesses with existing SMME development programs with the ability to implement and administer their own inhouse credit funding solution for SMME’s.

Moneyit is not a bank; it does not receive or make any payments or offer credit to SMME’s; it is an administrative platform that administer and manage the relationship, security agreement, and advancing of credit by a financier to the SMME. Users access the platform through the Moneyit portal or Moneyit mobile application.

Moneyit in the market

Renati Capital partner with financial institutions, capital providers, financiers, SMME Funds and Corporate and Big Business to facilitate and structure access to credit for SMME’s. It uses the Moneyit platform to deliver the administrative and management service required by all the parties to securely make credit available to the SMME’s. The SMME funding is a partnership between financiers and business. Once a business is approved by a financier for credit factoring the business is listed on Moneyit as an “approved business”, which means SMME’s qualifies for credit against amounts owed to them by the approved business.


Moneyit functionality

Moneyit is an advanced cloud based digital technology platform to administer the agreement, rules and conditions agreed between the financier and the SMME for the credit afforded by the financier to the SMME on the amount owed by a debtor to the SMME. It includes a mobile application for the SMME to view, administer and make payments to third parties from the credit available and received from the financier.


Moneyit Applications

  • To administer internal funding by Corporate businesses for SMME procurement or SMME development programs
  • As an advanced complimentary management tool for banks to make more funding available to SMME’s using the smart factoring functionality offered by Moneyit
  • As a comprehensive administrative and management factoring service to capital providers wishing to enter the SMME funding market
  • As an administrative platform for SMME Funds looking for an opportunity to expand its investing into SMME funding programs through the providing of working capital to SMME’s

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