Moneyit administer and manage a partnership between the business sector, financiers, government and SME’s to make affordable credit and cash flow available to SME’s to operate their business better. Moneyit facilitates the opportunity to SME’s to convert the debt their clients owe them for services delivered into money, through a very low risk and smart factoring process, at market related credit costs and more affordable rates.
Moneyit will not only change the way SME’s fund their businesses but will guarantee a much higher successful transformation rate and allow SME’s to grow and expand their businesses! The business sector can participate in the successful development of the SME procurement sector at no additional cost or liability and a new market of funding is created for financiers at a good yield and low risk.



(contractor, vendor, service provider)

  • Need credit for cash flow to operate business
  • Do not qualify at commercial banks for credit
  • Can use the amounts owed by his clients for services delivered to obtain credit
  • Is prepared to cede the debt due by his clients to a Financier in exchange for credit


(credit provider, banks, investors)

  • Want to make credit available to SME
  • Requires acceptable security in exchange for credit
  • Is prepared to accept the amounts owed by clients as financial security
  • Requires a third party to manage the security requirements, disbursement of credit and repayment of capital and interest

Approved Business

(corporate, government, listed entities)

  • Is prepared to help and assist SME to obtain credit to run the business better
  • Want to contribute to all efforts to improve and expand transformation in the SME sector (BEE)
  • Is required to provide the Financier with daily updated information on the credit balance due to SME for services delivered
  • Is required to make payment of all amounts payable to the SME direct to the Financier bank account
  • Is the administrative and a managing agent for all the parties to make credit available to the SME
  • SME open, manage and administer approved business credit accounts on Moneyit
  • Moneyit receives updated account balances for the SME customers from approved businesses through an electronic API
  • SME can make payments from credit made available by the Financier on approved business credit accounts
  • Moneyit uses local bank integration for processing of all SME payments
  • Manage and administer the Financier account for disbursement of credit, repayment of capital and payment of interest on credit advances
  • Manages the disbursement of credit to the SME as per the requirements and percentage (%) advances agreed with the Financier for each approved business of the SME

Moneyit in the market

Moneyit provides the tool to manage the partnership relationship between businesses, financiers and SME’s. It further provides corporate businesses with existing SMME development programs with the ability to implement their own funding solution for SME’s, which the Moneyit platform will administer and manage. Moneyit is not a bank; it does not receive or pay any money or offer credit to SME’s; it is an administrative platform that administer and manage the relationship, security agreement, and advancing of credit by the financier to the SME. Moneyit services are made available to users through the Moneyit digital platform and Moneyit mobile application.

Renati Capital partner with financial institutions, capital providers, financiers, SMME Funds and Corporate and Big Business to facilitate the access to credit for SME’s and to deliver the administrative and management service required by all the parties through the Moneyit platform. Moneyit users access the portal through an entry page where all the approved businesses are listed under the various business sectors, like FMCG, Mining, Transport and Logistics, Services, Agriculture, etc. Procurement, marketing and advertising are added value added services envisaged for expansion in the near future.

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