the partners


  • Need credit for cash flow to operate business
  • Do not qualify at commercial banks for credit
  • Can use the amounts owed by clients for services delivered to obtain credit
  • is prepared to cede the debt due by clients to a financier in exchange for credit


  • Want to make credit available to SMME’s
  • Requires acceptable security in exchange for credit
  • Is prepared to accept the amounts owed by clients as financial security
  • Requires a third party to manage the security requirements, disbursement of credit and repayment of capital and interest

Approved Business

  • Is prepared to help and assist SMME’s to obtain credit to run their business better
  • Want to contribute to all initiatives to improve and expand transformation in the SMME sector (BEE)
  • Is required to provide the Financier with daily updated information on the credit balance due to SMME’s for services delivered
  • Is required to make payment of all amounts payable to SMME directly to the Financiers bank account


  • Wish to expand and develop SMME transformation in SA
  • Offers BEE benefits for businesses contributing to SMME transformation
  • Making funds available to successfully transform SMME
  • Are prepared to promote and support SMME transformation initiatives

Moneyit - The ultimate solution to make credit available to SMME’s - small businesses, service providers, contractors and vendors

  • A digital technology platform to comprehensively administer the credit advanced by financiers to SMME’s
  • Using a digital interface to extract and receive accurate debtor balances from business
  • Provide SMME’s with a platform to obtain and manage trade credit on multiple debtor accounts
  • SMME’s can make payments to 3rd parties direct from and against available trade credit
  • Calculate, process and administer the capital repayments and interest due to financiers for credit utilised by SMME’s
  • Credit is provided to SMME’s at market related interest rates and account fees
  • A comprehensive and secure administrative process for financiers to manage the security, accurate debtor balances and credit advanced to SMME’s
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