Who are we?

Renati Capital (Pty) Ltd is a full subsidiary of Renati Group (Pty) Ltd.

The group is in existence since 2006 and has given rise to market leaders like TruckFuelNet, Nito Energy and Renati Exchange.

Renati Capital was birthed from market experience gained through the creative application of technology within the group. Renati Capital obtained an exclusive license for the commercialization of the Moneyit digital platform in the South African market.

Our Management

Stevie Ferreira

Managing Director


Business Development Manager
CA (SA) / MBA / M.Com Tax

Our Vision

To utilize modern and advanced technology to provide in the desperate need of SMME’s for access to credit to pay for day-to-day operational expenses, to service customers better and to be able to compete with the bigger established businesses that has access to credit through the formal banking sector.

Our Mission

To create and form a business partnership between the business sector, government and financiers to help SMME’s obtain the necessary credit required to successfully operate, grow and expand their businesses; where SMME enterprises will be able to discount the amounts owed to them by their customers and obtain a permanent credit facility from financiers who are willing to discount the debt based on the reputability and credibility of the SMME’s debtor; and where the Moneyit platform, using a smart digital factoring process, will manage and administer all the rules, conditions and processes agreed between the various partners for making the credit available to the SMME’s.

Our Focus

To provide financiers and businesses with a digital platform, which will electronically deliver accurate and timely information of the debtor amount due to a SMME; and where the platform will ensure that the credit made available by the financier to a SMME against the debtor amounts will not exceed the utilised credit % limit agreed; and where the financier is guaranteed through a secure management process of the capital and interest payments on the credit used by the SMME.

A rand saved is a rand earned